Inspire the World

Inspiring Your World!

How often did you attend a corporate event which didn’t unleash your fantasy? When was the last time you attended a show and at the end asked yourself was it real or was it a dream? When was the last time you were inspired and felt the emotions with all of your senses?

This is what we aim for. Inspire you personally, your business, to reach new levels of emotions. Would it be for pleasure or for business outcome.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to your unique partner, which will inspire your world!

Gregory Knie

Our Productions


The unique show from Gregory Knie is performing every year with a brand new program in Duebendorf near Zurich. Also for first time ever, the show will also perform in Lausanne. Ohlala is also on tour internationally as in Paris, Madrid.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Are you seeking a unique experience for your corporate events, elevating them to an unmatched experience with the right ROI? Then Gregory Knie Entertainment Ltd. is your choice. With a wealth of experience from live entertainment building on legacy of the Family Knie Dynasty, Gregory and his team will provide you with a unique approach.

Imperatives for CxO’s are the impact that an investment will drive. Our team and service provider come from the creative world, gastronomy up to former executives from international companies. You will create an impactful and memorable corporate experience.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services


We climb the mountain with you. Do you need highly professional services like photography, video, marketing and others but not sure about which company or services to work with? Get in touch with us. Over the past years, we’ve build a network of professional services for our own productions in house and as service providers. Leverage the experience and quality providers we’ve build for your own needs.

Artist Recruitment

Artist Recruitment


So you have an event and you need few artistic elements, an artist creating a new experience demonstrating your product or service. You need to WOW your customers or employees at next company meeting but don’t know which act would fit and where to find? Stop searching. Our Database is filled with thousands of highly performing artists which partially also were in our own productions. Each of these artists have been screened individually.

Your simple step to get to the right act? Just get in touch.

Leadership & Team Building

Leadership & Team Development

Today, more than ever, leaders have to bring new leadership capabilities to the company. Together with our partner InspiredView LLC, we provide you with unique leadership and team development workshop on-site at your facilities worldwide, during our own productions or in our immersive executive center. Get inspired about the possibilities to leverage the “Artistry of leadership” for your own company or team development.

Let us help you inspire your customers, your business, your employees.
Simply send us your contact details with few words and we’ll get back to you very shortly.